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Joint Research with Can Tho University

Mekong Delta region, located in southern Vietnam, is a treasure trove of agricultural and aquatic resources that are essential for stable food supply. Indeed, not only Vietnam but also many other countries rely on the Mekong Delta’s agri- and aquacultural production for food security. However, this area is vulnerable to sea level rise caused by climate change and food resources in the area is at risk from damage by seawater. Therefore, protecting food supply and developing food industry in the region is considered a critical global issue.

Can Tho University (referred to as CTU), located in the heart of the Mekong Delta, is a leading national university in Vietnam renowned for its research in agriculture, aquaculture, and other related fields. As an effort to ensure long-term food security, socio-economic stability as well as sustainable development of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho University has officially established Sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta or SDMD 2045 Initiative in 2021. By bringing together various local and international partners, including universities, companies, local authorities and policy makers, the initiative provides a platform for knowledge sharing and creates collaboration opportunities in research and development towards a more sustainable Mekong Delta.

Along with the idea and attempts of CTU’s SDMD 2045, TAKESHO aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the Mekong Delta region in two ways : “adding value to raw materials of the Mekong Delta” and “strengthening international competitiveness of food companies in Vietnam,” and has agreed to the joint research agreement (below) with CTU. A memorandum of understanding was signed in 2018, and joint research activities began in 2019.

February 2018, signing of MOU on the Joint Research with CTU.
【Aim of the Research】

The research aims to effectively utilize the abundant food resources in the Mekong Delta using new technologies (advanced processing technologies).


Phase 1: Jan 2019 – Dec 2020
Phase 2: Jan 2021 – Dec 2025

【Achievements to date】

1)Developed dried powdered seasoning with distinctive aroma and taste of shrimp tomalley from by-products, such as shrimp heads and shells.
2)Developed functional rice powder with unique viscosity using Vietnamese rice.

CTU students
conducting the experiment
Shrimp heads before processing

Establishment of TAKESHO FOOD VIETNAM:

A local subsidiary, TAKESHO FOOD VIETNAM CO. LTD (referred to as TFV) was established in 2019 to commercialize the achievements of the Joint Research with CTU. Construction of the factory proceeded amid the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic, and the factory commenced full-scale operation in 2022.

TFV Factory Completion Ceremony in June 2022
(left: photo with distinguished guests, right: with TFV employees).

Three Missions of TFV – Business Goals in Vietnam.

A)Contribute to the sustainable development of the Mekong Delta:

▶We aim to add value to the abundant food resources of the Mekong Delta and Vietnam using our new technologies (advanced processing technologies).

▶We provide support to food companies in the Mekong Delta as well as in Vietnam to enhance their competitiveness.

B)Foster TAKESHO’s Corporate Philosophy of considering “personal growth of our employees not as a means but as a purpose in itself” and share it with TFV.

We will also promote mutual exchanges among employees between the two companies.

C)Establish partnerships with food companies in the region to co-create value-added products.

We aspire to co-create new value-added products with various food companies in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia. As the first step towards this goal, in March 2022, we signed an MOU on Strategic Collaboration for the Development and Distribution of Seafood-based Ingredients for the Food Industry with Vietnam Food Joint Stock Company (referred to as VNF) and Nagase Vietnam (Nagase Vietnam Co., Ltd.).


Recent News

To achieve our business goals in Vietnam, we continue to promote further initiatives.

A) New Joint Research Project with CTU:

In March 2023, Dr. Ha Thanh Toan, the Rector of CTU, visited TAKESHO in Niigata, and TAKESHO and CTU signed an MOU for our new joint research project on “Science of Palatability. TAKESHO has been studying “Science of Palatability” to quantify and visualize food attributes for developing new products. In this new joint research project, we will accumulate scientific knowledge on the differences in perception of “deliciousness” between Japan and Vietnam. Based on this knowledge, we will add values to agri- and aquacultural products in the Mekong Delta Region and develop new products that matches the preferences of Vietnamese market.

March 2023, signing of MOU on a new joint research project.

B) Partnership with CTU for Human Resource Development:

Although TFV is a subsidiary of TAKESHO, we intend to keep an equal partnership between the two companies. We would also like to encourage mutual exchange of human resources, sometimes as a trainee and sometimes as a job transfer.
As to the partnership with CTU, hoping CTU students to know more about TAKESHO, we have invited some students to Niigata for an Internship Program, and after the establishment of TFV, we have also been holding one at TFV. We are happy to let you know that we have already recruited several CTU graduates to work at TAKESHO and TFV.

C) Enhancing Partnership with VNF:

In May 2023, TAKESHO and VNF have agreed to initiate the distribution cooperation. TAKESHO is now VNF’s distribution agent for the Japanese food market. We plan to enhance our partnership in developing value-added products using by-products such as shrimp heads and shells. By making use of these underutilized materials, we hope to contribute to promoting environmental sustainability as well.

May 2023, MOU signing ceremony with VNF.


September 2019
Tra Noc II Industrial Park, Can Tho City, Vietnam
Start of Operation
May 2022
HACCP(April 2022)
Our Business
1. Formulating and Manufacturing of seasonings and pre-mix
2. Formulating and Manufacturing of original food materials
3. Suppling and selling food raw materials
Production Line
▶ Powder Blending Line : production capacity: 100t/month
▶ New Technology Production Line : production capacity: 30t/month

Our products and Services:

・Functional rice powder ”VU-800”(original product)
・Roasted shrimp powder(original product)
・Formulating and Manufacturing of seasonings and pre-mix, OEM.

Safety Operation & Quality Control:

In order to ensure safe working environment of employees and to provide our customers with safe products, TAKESHO and TFV both apply “Japan Quality” in the manufacturing process.
・Certified date of HACCP:April 2022
・5S Action for Japanese Quality Standard:
Sort (Seiri), Set in Order (Seiton), Shine (Seiso), Standardize (Seiketsu), and Sustain (Shitsuke).

TAKESHO FOOD VIETNAM is looking for a qualified engineer.

【Job Category】
Manufacturing technology / Maintenance of manufacturing facilities
【Language Requirements】
Fluent Vietnamese is mandatory. And being able to speak either English or Japanese preferred.
Minimum of 5 years working experience.
If you are interested, please contact us at the following e-mail address.